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The Myth of Monthly Sales Reports

Sometime around the middle of each month, you’ll see news stories about the ups and downs of the real estate market.  A good month can sound amazing, and any slip from the mountaintop might sounds like calamity. Toss in the need for a catchy headline – and the actual merits of the current market might […]

We’ve hit a wall…

The cover story of this week’s Triangle Business Journal  is “The Big Squeeze: Home Prices change Triangle Housing Dynamics”.  The article featured Christen & Brian Ware – they’re customers of our Greyson Sargent.  The article’s first “real estate expert” quote from came me (Bo Bromhal): “We’ve basically hit a wall of sales” That might sound […]


It’s the question everybody asks, because everyone wants to know! Whether you’re just wondering about the ongoing value of your home, or you’re thinking about buying a home soon, “How’s the Market?” is your #1 question. First Things First We spend a lot of time not just helping clients buy and sell homes, but studying […]