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The Myth of Monthly Sales Reports

Sometime around the middle of each month, you’ll see news stories about the ups and downs of the real estate market.  A good month can sound amazing, and any slip from the mountaintop might sounds like calamity. Toss in the need for a catchy headline – and the actual merits of the current market might […]

Can I afford to buy a house in the Triangle?

Can I afford to buy a house in the Triangle? The short answer is YES! Recently, Redfin produced an article worrying about middle class housing affordability.   It seems like “affordability” will be the buzzword for the national housing media this year. In the Redfin article, they went so far as to say, “Homeownership is increasingly out of […]


It’s the question everybody asks, because everyone wants to know! Whether you’re just wondering about the ongoing value of your home, or you’re thinking about buying a home soon, “How’s the Market?” is your #1 question. First Things First We spend a lot of time not just helping clients buy and sell homes, but studying […]